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The Need to Energize Infrastructure

The energy industry has provided a tremendous boost to the Permian Basin’s economy.

However, as we add new jobs and more people, we have also added strain to our existing transportation infrastructure, which results in more crashes and more traffic fatalities.

Rural areas, due to limited infrastructure, account for over half of all traffic fatalities in our state, even with a fraction of the population. All too often energy impacted areas are tremendously affected by growth.

From 2010 to 2017 in the Permian Basin

  • Crashes Up 25%
  • Fatalities Up 39%

During that same time, Commercial Motor Vehicle Related Crashes

  • Crashes Up 96%
  • Fatalities Up 174%

It is easy to see how this type of rapid growth can quickly strain the area’s already limited infrastructure and why investing in our roads and other infrastructure needs in the Basin is so vital to our long term future and safety.

How You Can Save Lives

As we work to improve infrastructure, we also want to help drivers take simple but life saving actions to help protect themselves on our roads and highways. Learn more by following the link to our Drive SMART program.